Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Implementation of a Content Management System from Start to Finish

blog provides a beginner, bird's eye view of the entire process of implementing a department-wide content management system. For more information on Enterprise Content Management systems, click on one of the companies to the right.

This is simply an account of how successful (or not successful) a new CMS was integrated into the literature department of a Fortune 500 company over the span of 6 months. I am a user of the content management system, not a developer. I do not detail the actual technical side of constructing and programming a system.

I have written about each touchstone moment in the entire process and have labeled those by Week. Note that it took longer than the number of weeks presented here; I just listed the touchstones this way to give you the semblance of a structured, yet unrealistic, timeline.

Week 1 - Implementing a Content Management System

Week 2 - Deciding on a Content Management System Team

Week 3 - CMS Training

Week 4 - My Content Management Process

Week 5 - Under Construction

Week 6 - Server Incompatible with Content Management System

Week 7 - Content Management and Knowledge Transfer

Week 8 - Content Management Goals and Consistency

Week 9 - Content Management in a Bad Economy

Week 10 - The Content Management Light at the End of the Tunnel

Week 11 - XMAX versus XMetal

Week 12 - Migration and Legacy Content